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Gemstones for Days of the Week

One gemstone for each day of the week -- with uncertain origins.
After a good bit of research in an attempt to determine the origin of how certain gemstones came to be attached to the days of the week, it seems that the origins are... well, highly uncertain. Lists are indeed posted on various corners of the web, but citations for the said lists seem to go unstated, time after time.

So the list posted below is posted with trepidation -- it seems to be the most popular/common list, but also seems to have no roots in history or tradition. Could it be a list concocted by the jewelry industry for those people who don't care for their traditional birthstone? That's certainly one possibility. Could it be a list created by an author in need of filler material for a book? Also possible. It's just unclear.

If we find additional information, we'll be sure to share it. In the meantime:

Gemstones for Each Day of the Week

  • Sunday: Topaz
  • Monday: Pearl
  • Tuesday: Ruby
  • Wednesday: Amethyst
  • Thursday: Sapphire
  • Friday: Carnelian
  • Saturday: Turquoise
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