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Anniversary Stones

Anniversary Stones: List of gemstones associated with each wedding anniversary year.
This is the list of generally accepted gemstones and precious metals associated with each wedding anniversary.

1st Anniversary: Gold Jewelry
2nd Anniversary: Garnet (all colors)
3rd Anniversary: Pearls
4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz
5th Anniversary: Sapphire (all colors)
6th Anniversary: Amethyst
7th Anniversary: Onyx
8th Anniversary: Tourmaline (all colors)
9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli
10th Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry
11th Anniversary: Turquoise
12th Anniversary: Jade or Agate
13th Anniversary: Citrine or Moonstone
14th Anniversary: Opal or Moss Agate
15th Anniversary: Ruby
16th Anniversary: Peridot or Topaz (all colors)
17th Anniversary: Amethyst
18th Anniversary: Garnet
19th Anniversary: Aquamarine
20th Anniversary: Emerald
21st Anniversary: Iolite
22nd Anniversary: Spinel (all colors)
23rd Anniversary: Sapphire
24th Anniversary: Tanzanite
25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee
26th Anniversary: Star Sapphire
30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee
35th Anniversary: Emerald or Coral
39th Anniversary: Cat's Eye
40th Anniversary: Ruby
45th Anniversary: Sapphire or Alexandrite
50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee
52nd Anniversary: Star Ruby
55th Anniversary: Alexandrite or Emerald
60th Anniversary: Diamond Jubilee
65th Anniversary: Star Sapphire
75th Anniversary: Diamond


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